Dec 1, 2009

Customer Feedback: Priceless

We were so moved by this letter, we wanted to share it with all of you.

"I wanted to share a book buddy story with you. After seeing my book buddy on my blog (before I actually even reviewed it), my mom bought one for my grandma who has arthritis in her hands. My grandma loved it, which I believe I mentioned in my review. My grandma bought one for a friend of hers who is a paraplegic. She is LOVING it, because once her husband places the book on the book buddy initially, she is able to manipulate the pages from one set of ribbons to another using her mouth stick. She says it is amazing and she is so happy to actually be able to read a book on her own again. Supposedly she has also shared the product with her physical therapist or someone who thinks it is just phenomenal.

Just thought you'd like to know!"