Dec 1, 2009

Customer Feedback: Priceless

We were so moved by this letter, we wanted to share it with all of you.

"I wanted to share a book buddy story with you. After seeing my book buddy on my blog (before I actually even reviewed it), my mom bought one for my grandma who has arthritis in her hands. My grandma loved it, which I believe I mentioned in my review. My grandma bought one for a friend of hers who is a paraplegic. She is LOVING it, because once her husband places the book on the book buddy initially, she is able to manipulate the pages from one set of ribbons to another using her mouth stick. She says it is amazing and she is so happy to actually be able to read a book on her own again. Supposedly she has also shared the product with her physical therapist or someone who thinks it is just phenomenal.

Just thought you'd like to know!"


Sep 9, 2009

8 New Book Buddy Fabrics Just In Time For Fall (and Holiday Shopping)

Click here to peruse our fabulous premier line. My new favorite design is "Jeannie". What's yours?

Aug 24, 2009

"Working" On Your Birthday As Comfort

As time goes by, we at Reading Comfort continue to ponder what comfort means to us (as you no doubt have learned by now). One aspect of the concept of comfort that makes me happy is how utterly subjective and personal it is.

For instance, today is my birthday and today I take comfort in working on my newest business. Many have balked at this and I must admit that my head is full of little voices saying "you shouldn't work on your birthday, you should be out having fun". Fun is another concept that is completely subjective (for instance, my sister's idea of fun is sky diving. Um, no).

Because I feel so passionately about what I do, often my work is fun. Or, at least it is for me. Honestly, I couldn't think of a better way to bring in this new year for me than to pursue my greatest love; healthy baking.

Reading Comfort
was born of love and passion when Myrna invented the Book Buddy for her mother, a voracious reader who had trouble gripping a book due to arthritis. A decade later, that love has touched countless others.

As a new business owner, I can think of nothing more inspirational.

Do you work or play on your birthday?

Aug 17, 2009

Lying In Bed All Day: Taking A Break As Comfort

Good morning! I am working from bed. Again. I am also practicing not judging myself for this. Yes, not judging because I haven't run 3 miles, tidied up the apartment and made my husband a healthy breakfast by 8am.

I've been reading a book (using my trusty Book Buddy, of course) called I Was A Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids and the overriding theme is how mothers make themselves crazy by constantly criticizing themselves and others regarding what it means to be, and what it takes to be a "good mom". While I'm not a mom myself, I can totally relate to the constant barrage of judgement going on in my head. Here is what my head tells me I should get done in a day in order for it to be deemed "successful".

  • Workout
  • Make healthy meals for myself
  • Make healthy meals for my husband
  • Work= Make clients happy
  • Run errands
  • Complete any household tasks (bills, appointments, laundry, organization...)
  • Blog
  • Market my business
  • Wear something cute
  • Call/see a friend
  • Test a new recipe
  • Pay attention to my husband
  • Follow a spiritual practice
Some days the above is doable, and can be incredibly gratifying. Other days, it's completely overwhelming and I wonder, who am I doing this for anyway? Why do I feel guilty if I don't get everything done? What about not feeling guilty if NOTHING gets done?

I've always been the one who looks like she has it all "together", while simultaneously feeling like I'm about to fall apart. I'm curious to see if I let some of this go, maybe it will fall into place. I have a hunch it will...

I just found a wonderful blog post on the virtues of writing in bed. Thank you, Kimberly Willis Holt! I feel so much better.

What does "taking a break" mean to you?

Aug 4, 2009

Color As Comfort: What's Yours? Have No Idea? Let's Explore...

When someone asks me what my favorite color is, I completely blank. This also happens when I'm asked about favorite songs, food, movies...

When I saw this intriguing series of questions in the September Edition of House Beautiful that could help me determine, once and for all, what my truly favorite color is, I had to jump in. And I want to take you with me.

1. What's the first color you see in the morning?

2. What color are your eyes?

3. What color do you wear the most?

4. What color do you never wear?

5. What color do you wear when you want to feel sexy?

6. What color gets you the most compliments?
Green necklace or turquoise scarf

7. What color is your lipstick?
Clear, only use lip balm

8. What color was your living room when you were growing up?
Dark, greyish blue

9. What color was your bedroom when you were growing up?
White wall paper with primary color fat stripes; red, yellow, green, blue...

10. What color are your sheets?

11. What color was your favorite crayon as a child?

12. What color is your car?
Charcoal grey

13. What color was your prom dress?

14. What's your favorite gemstone?

15. What is your favorite flower?
Peony or tulips; pink

16. What color makes you happiest?
Butter yellow

17. What color depresses you?

18. What color calms you?

19. What color makes you grind your teeth?
Anything fluorescent

20. What color would you like to try, but are scared to?

Well, I don't know how much clarity was gleaned from this, but it was fun. Honestly what comes to mind from this is that perhaps my favorite color is pink. Why? I think of the other colors I adore:


What makes me the most happy is when any of these colors is accented!

And of course, my favorite Book Buddy design is Sweet Charlotte...that should have been a sign.

Pink is my final answer. Your turn!

Back To School Days: Do You Have Your Book Buddy?

Photo courtesy of Bermuda Onion

When I was in college, I went to the library to use a computer, in the community computer room. There were no computers in dorm rooms and no one could even fathom a laptop. And I'm not THAT old, people. This was in 1995.

In 2007, EDUCAUSE published a study that reported laptop ownership on campus had increased from 52.8 percent of the student population to 75.8 percent in a two year time frame. Oh, and 36% of students owned two computers.

I love my laptop. I'm kind of obsessed, actually. What makes using it all the more pleasurable is my trusty Book Buddy. By placing my laptop on top of the mini desktop, it zaps away any heat the computer is generating, while the pillow portion allows me to find the most comfortable position to work. I know I have said this many times, but I utilize my Book Buddy everyday, for many, many hours.

If you or someone you love is heading off to school, you must consider giving something they never knew they wanted, that they will then adore more than they thought they ever could. Seriously.

Oh, and it's genius for books, too.

Jul 29, 2009

Thunderstorm As Comfort

I love a good thunderstorm. I love when a storm is brewing and everyone rushes to get patio furniture covered and the bikes put in the garage and the beach towels off the clothesline. It's like you go about your daily life, then all of a sudden the weather reminds you of its presence and demands some attention.

I love thunderstorms because they are what I consider "safe danger". They're not like tornadoes where you're not sure if you will lose your roof or if a tree will down your power lines for the next three days. I'm sure one of the reasons I have such an affinity is as a child, I would feel super loved when the sky started to threaten a summer day. Mom and dad would make sure my sister and I were close, and we would sit together on our screened in porch and feel the temperature drop and the wind would howl and the cold, fat drops would shock our arms and feet. It felt like the world stopped and we would just watch the weather like a movie.

Are summer storms friend or foe for you? Do tell!

Jul 24, 2009

Hometown As Comfort

I believe in the saying, "you can go home again", but I can visit! I absolutely adore the town I grew up in, Ann Arbor, Michigan. With the exception of the sometimes harsh winter weather, this town is perfection in my eyes. It has all the elements that personally qualify for great city living; thriving music, arts and culture scene, delicious food, art movie houses and yoga studios. It has all this and maintains a small town vibe and friendliness.

When I come home to visit, I drink in all the familiar elements and enjoy them in a way I never would if I lived here. I jog through my elementary school playground, walk the streets of downtown and COVET the food at Zingerman's Deli with the fervor of a 13 year old girl with a crush.

What comforts do you associate with your hometown?

Jul 19, 2009

It's Hot, Yes? Multiple Fans As Comfort

It's finally gotten hot in my neck of the woods: Santa Monica, California. We live about 3 miles from the beach so we get lucky with ocean breezes much of the time. We also have southern facing windows with no tree cover and the walls bake all day long, making for some hot nights.

These nights remind me of Michigan summers, when my mom would have fans in each doorway, pushing cool air from open windows through one room to the next room. We would be careful not to trip over extension cords and box fans, and we would have to shout to be heard over the thunder of forced air. On especially stifling evenings, I would lie in bed with a fan directly on my legs, and my mom would put cool wash cloths on my forehead.

I came across this particular fan on Clean Technica and had to share. I think it is a great idea; saves space while cooling the air from room to room. I might just have to get me one...

How do you comfort yourself in extreme temperatures?


Jul 16, 2009

Joyful Spending As Comfort

I have a hard time doing nice things for myself. Being a freelancer in this economy, sometimes I find myself in a sort of deprivation mode and one of the ways that shows up is in lack of self care. Rather than getting a haircut, I'll just bobby pin my too long bangs to my head and keep marketing. I'll make dinner after a 12 hour work day on set because I don't want the expense of ordering in.

There's a difference between being frugal and being a martyr. I am learning this lesson ever so slowly.

Yesterday, I was light on work and was also feeling very low energy. I was feeling too "guilty" to treat myself to a movie, so instead I got my car washed and then got a haircut. The comfort was in where I went for said haircut. Not to the cheapie place that butchers my hair or driving 2 hours round trip to Long Beach so my friend will cut my hair at a discounted price.

I went to a lovely salon in Santa Monica, just down the street from my home, and drank the whole experience in. I luxuriated in a ten minute head massage during the shampoo. I got a marvelous cut by someone who was not hurried or high on anything. The salon was clean and bright and even offered me complimentary bang trims whenever I want.

The icing on the cake? I was offered 50% off because it was my first visit. I have concluded that not spending any money can be just as detrimental as over spending. The key is to spend smart and enjoy what you pay for.

What creates joyful spending for you?

Jul 13, 2009

Summer Sale! Saving Money. Very Comfy.

It is summer. I am saying this as much to myself as I am to you because I, like most of us, still must work during the summer months and I can easily forget that I should take some time out to enjoy the sunshine.

I feel so grateful that I enjoy the work I do immensely, however it is a crime to be tethered to my computer while the rest of the world (seemingly) surfs and eats Popsicles.

My solution is to take my work out of my "work zone". I head to our little courtyard with my laptop and my Book Buddy (of course) to catch up on emails and blogging. I work in comfort while enjoying a summer breeze, some bird chirping and when my work is done, I walk down the street to a local drugstore to get a Popsicle. Cherry.

We want you to do the same:

Live 4 Comfort
Book Buddy Summer Sale

Value Line $14.95

Premier Line is $24.94

Add a Lap Desk $4

Get yours today!

Jul 11, 2009

Baking As Comfort

I just finished culinary school. I loved it. One of my dreams is to have a vegan bakery. I wasn't sure I wanted to spend the money going to pastry school because I would be learning how to bake with conventional ingredients and since vegan baking is a whole other ball of wax, I've decided to home school myself.

How will I do this? I bought a beautiful cookbook by Babycakes founder Erin McKenna which I am reading cover to cover and making each and every recipe, in order. My hope is by the time I'm done I will be a confident, yummy vegan baking goddess who has created her own recipes to sell to the masses!

Above is the result of my first baking "class"; apple cinnamon muffins. I can think of nothing more comforting than a warm oven bursting with the smells of vanilla and cinnamon. If you want to follow my vegan baking adventure, check out my food blog. And if you're jealous of my adorable weighted bookmark pictured above, we can take care of that.



Jul 6, 2009

Eating And Moving As Comfort

This submission came from Jasmine at Eat, Move, Write (check out her amazing yam pancake recipe-YUM). I was so touched by her honesty. I agree completely that food can be comforting and nourishing, rather than guilt inducing or punishing. Amen, sister!

I used to weigh 343 pounds. The only things I’d ever known to bring me comfort involved a knife, fork, spoon, or, in really desperate time, my own grubby fingers. Today, I’m less than half the woman I was and I’ve learned that sometimes it actually is a reality to find comfort in food. But a bowl of whole oats with raw peanut butter can be so much more comfortable than a bowl of ice cream. Sometimes when I’m missing home, a bowl of milk rice like my mom used to make is like a small slice of home. Today, mostly, I use exercise as comfort. It takes my mind off whatever in life is bothering me, and it reminds me that there are few things more precious than our health, which for the majority of my life I hadn’t even considered.

Jul 2, 2009

The Kitchen Table As Comfort: Truer Words Never Spoken

Shelly from The Decayed Gentlewoman shared this lovely story with us. Be sure to enjoy some other musings on her fantastic blog.

Sitting at my kitchen table gives me comfort.

As a child, whenever I would visit either set of my grandparents, life seemed to be conducted around the kitchen table and I loved that. I would sit with my grandparents while they drank their coffee in the morning and watch particles of dust float in the rays of sunlight coming from the windows. My grandfather would tell me stories about his childhood as we sat there.

Later, I would cram around the table with my cousins, eagerly watching my grandmother make lunch.

When I grew older, my family would sit at the kitchen table and play rounds of Continental Rummy, a particularly complicated and extremely enjoyable card game.

Now that I have my own house, I have dinner at the table every night, and love to sit there for hours on Sunday morning, drinking lots of coffee and reading the newspaper from cover to cover.

Jun 25, 2009

Teddy Bear. Classic Comfort by Jess at Have Faith

Jess at Have Faith is a great blogger and who I deem an "old soul" as she is so wise AND a freshman in high school! In addition to peanut butter, here is something that gives Jess comfort:

Whether it be after a tough day ending in tears or after a night filled with fun, this gift from my boyfriend always brings me comfort. He gave me a soft, white teddy bear for Valentines Day this year. It has a heart attached that reads "I love you" and it makes me smile when I see it. It reminds me of him when he's away and no night is complete without my bear. I love curling up on the couch with her while watching a good movie. (Which is exactly what I plan on doing tonight with the Notebook and a Chai Tea.) This meaningful teddy bear is my ultimate comfort and I feel much more at peace with her in my arms. A little cheesy? Maybe. The truth? Yes.

Thanks, Jess. I, too have a white bear with a heart that my boyfriend (now husband) brought home from a trip to NYC he went on right after we met. So sweet, and we hadn't even kissed yet. That little bear sealed the deal.



A Discount And A Job Opportunity. In That Order. Money Saved And Money Earned. Financial Comfort.

Happy Thursday everyone! We interrupt our usual comforting posts with a couple exciting announcements. Then the comfort stories will commence...


We are extending a special offer that will last through the month of June. 10% off your entire order! Simply enter promo code ELR609 when you checkout. Use the code as many times as you want. Tell your friends. Go crazy.

JOB seeks an experienced and driven sales-savvy, candidate to lead direct sales effort of product to independent bookstores across the U.S. Candidate must have strong sales skills and prior demonstrated sales success with other projects or companies.

1) Candidate will need to interview with owners in Westlake Village, CA
2) Upon hiring, candidate will need to posses a thorough understanding products, in particular, the Book Buddy™
3) All information gathered needs to be complied in our CRM system
4) Some work may be completed offsite but most will be at office location in Westlake Village
5) Project to be completed within 2 weeks from hire

This is a non-employee position; candidate is required to comply with all laws required of an independent contractor. Candidate shall choose hours worked, and manner and means by which to complete all projects. All work project-based. This is not a part or full time position, nor guarantee of future employment.

About and the Book Buddy™, is a division of Amanda Crawford Designs, is specifically targeted at helping individuals regain reading comfort and independence. The company just launched a newly redesigned website,, enabling buyers to click and buy reading accessories and gifts directly from the website.

Savvy internet research skills
Excellent computer and email skills
Prior demonstrated direct sales success in cold-calling
Excellent written and oral communication skills
Responsive, dependable, honest, and ethical
Works independently and is self-motivated
Team player
Understanding of online marketing (Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and all things Web 2.0)
Candidates who live local to Westlake Village for periodic meetings preferred
Candidates who have already been using and love our products preferred

To Apply Submit All of the Following to
Examples of sales projects you have worked on
At least three work references
Rate requirements

Look forward to hearing from you!

Jun 23, 2009

Books In Bed, A View Of The River, And Sex And The City: Diana's Comfort

Diana of Soap & Chocolate shared that her comfort comes in stolen moments...we hear ya!

At the risk of sounding tres cliche, curling up with a good book is one of the ultimate comforts for me. I love to read, but the majority of the time I have to do so takes place on the subway riding to and from work! That environment is not exactly the most conducive to relaxation. That's why I relish the few moments I can find to bury myself in a bunch of pillows on my bed and sip a cup of tea or coffee while I read. What's more, I live in Brooklyn and I have a great view of the East River from my bedroom window.
That pretty much describes the setting for the best weekend mornings!

I also love to revisit old movie favorites of mine, especially chick flicks. If I've had a rough day, there's nothing quite like popping in a good old standby, like Clueless, or even an episode of Sex and the City! It's the familiarity that brings back my sanity, I think - predictability in an unpredictable world. A little (okay, a lot) of ice cream usually helps, too. :)

I'm feeling comforted and relaxed just having written about that! It must be time for bed.

Thanks, Diana. Be sure to follow her blog, she makes deliciousness for herself everyday!

Jun 19, 2009

Yoga Retreat. Bathed in Beauty. Freedom As Comfort.

Happy Friday! I hope some of you are enjoying the peace of the early morning in your little corner of the world. I just returned from a jog and thought I would do some blogging while I'm all blissed out.

I still have yoga on the brain and was reading Yoga Journal when I came across an article written about the exact retreat I was supposed to attend earlier this month. My husband got laid off and we decided to postpone our trip.

It tickled me to read the authors' fear of connecting with the people at the yoga festival, as well as the "clothing optional" hot springs because I was quite anxious about that aspect as well. If you've ever been, or have ever wanted to go to Esalen, I think you will enjoy reading her experience.

Yoga Journal - Yoga Travel - Bathed in Beauty

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What would a perfect retreat be for you?

Jun 17, 2009

YogaGlo. Yoga At Home. Exercise In Comfort.

I love yoga. I love that it's strength training, stretching and meditation all in one. I try to practice at least twice a week. What I don't always love is trying to squeeze a class into my busy schedule and when I also need to worry about drive time, parking meters and the fact that my only clean sweats have a hole in them, making class is not always easy.

Enter YogaGlo! They provide access to unlimited yoga classes via Internet (you can also attend unlimited classes at their Santa Monica studio) for $18 a month. The format is lovely; there is a camera in the back of the class so you feel like you're in group energy without actually having to be in the studio. It's way better than a yoga DVD, which is just the same thing over and over. They upload new classes every week and have hundreds of options to choose from. Jo is my favorite instructor...check it out and let me know what you think!



Jun 13, 2009

Two Movies, One Day, Ultimate Comfort

I am not the best weekender. I am also not the best vacationer. I am addicted to being productive, and often make Saturday and Sunday about laundry and banking and cleaning and grocery shopping...not today! Today I decided to comfort myself with not one, but two movies at two different movie theatres. Delicious.

I walked to the Laemmle Santa Monica for the first movie: Pressure Cooker . It's a lovely, touching documentary about a group of high school students in Philadelphia who go through a rigorous culinary arts program in hopes of getting scholarships to further their education. It was inspiring to see the drive and determination such young people possess. It reminded me to chase my dreams.

The second movie was at The Landmark: Away We Go . I saw this one with my husband, who ended up liking the movie a lot better than I did (which is VERY odd considering it's an independent film about relationships and babies-NOT his strike zone). I enjoyed it, just didn't love it like I thought I would.

Other comforts of the day included an hour of yoga, the delicious 5 mile walk on an overcast day (my favorite) and not one, but two huge vegan cookies for breakfast and lunch. Guess who's eating green beans for dinner?

I hope you all had a wonderful and cozy Saturday!



Jun 11, 2009

The Warmest Room In The House-Can't Wait to Read This!

When I run I usually listen to podcasts. My favorite podcast is The Splendid Table and I heard a wonderful interview this morning with Steven Gdula, author of The Warmest Room In The House.

Click here to enjoy the interview.

I cannot wait to read this book. A good foodie read is one of my ULTIMATE comforts. I found a great review on Talk Of Tomatoes, in case you're curious. Maybe we can read this together!

"History is overwhelming to me, linear yet layered and staggeringly complex. So many industries and policies and philosophies and religions to track. So many trends and movements, inventions and circumstance. This book may seem simple to some, but for me it provided an easy-to-digest overview of America, one decade at a time. And it wasn’t your basic history book. You won’t find this in U.S. History class—not even close.

It is history presented through the refrigerator, via the novelty of pop-tarts and saran wrap, with political influence and an evolution of diets. It is where Tupperware meets the road; where the avocado fridge of the 60’s morphed into the chrome lined counters of the 80’s, and why processed food—and bioengineering—became king. [In many ways this book is all over the place, pulling in seemingly random bits of information, mixing fact with opinion and offering strands of history that seem to halt rather than continue. It is no an easy task to summarize America into decades via the kitchen; The NY Times review of this book offers a more critical review. For me, I actually liked the pile of facts. It helped me sort some of the history swimming around in my own brain]."

Do you dig books about food?

Jun 10, 2009

June Gloom As Comfort

I live in the wrong state. My favorite weather is 65 degrees and cloudy and I live in Southern California. If you could see my extremely fair complexion, you would agree that I am much better suited to Seattle, or Portland, or Ann Arbor (my hometown).

I moved to Los Angeles to act in films which was supposed to be completely temporary. The plan was to sow some wild oats, have an unsuccessful acting career, move back to the Midwest and have babies. I managed to succeed at failing in the entertainment biz, but I failed at making my trip out west temporary. I married a California boy who works in said biz so we are here for the foreseeable future.

My comfort is June gloom. I am treasuring all these days of clouds all morning that reappear in the late afternoon. All the trees are green and the flowers are blossoming, but it is cool and grey. I can jog at 10am without wearing sunglasses. Yes, I am not a fan of sunny days and I live in the sunshine state.

Grey days inspire me to clean, to take a yoga class, to cook a new dish.

How does a grey day affect you?

Jun 7, 2009

Early Morning Comfort

I woke up at 5am with pointless anxiety (I've learned almost all anxiety is indeed pointless). Worrying about work and laundry and getting a workout in and money and...whatever. Rather than toss and turn I decided to get up, make myself a cup of Tazo Passion herbal tea and catch up on my blog reading and writing.

I had forgotten how delicious and comforting the silence of an early Sunday morning was. Even the birds were sleeping. I enjoyed my tea and my little Macbook that rests perfectly on my lap thanks to my Book Buddy (which I use all day, everyday) and felt completely peaceful. I should do all my work before dawn!

I'm off for a run before the world wakes up. What comprises a comfy early morning for you?



Jun 3, 2009

Welcome To Comfort News

So glad you stopped by. We strive to be the bearers of all things comfy, cozy, warm, soft and fuzzy.

Here at Comfort News we will share mundane pleasures that we find and experience, and we invite YOU to let us know what puts you at ease: could be an extremely buttery grilled cheese (that's mine), or a walk on the beach on a cloudy day, or a hug from your sniffley kid, or Wuthering Heights, or wearing Ugg boots to church...possibilities are endless, yes?

Send us your story and we will let the world know what brings you comfort.

Until then, we wish you Sunday morning ease,

Reading Comfort

"Comfort Is Our Passion And Our Business"