Jun 10, 2009

June Gloom As Comfort

I live in the wrong state. My favorite weather is 65 degrees and cloudy and I live in Southern California. If you could see my extremely fair complexion, you would agree that I am much better suited to Seattle, or Portland, or Ann Arbor (my hometown).

I moved to Los Angeles to act in films which was supposed to be completely temporary. The plan was to sow some wild oats, have an unsuccessful acting career, move back to the Midwest and have babies. I managed to succeed at failing in the entertainment biz, but I failed at making my trip out west temporary. I married a California boy who works in said biz so we are here for the foreseeable future.

My comfort is June gloom. I am treasuring all these days of clouds all morning that reappear in the late afternoon. All the trees are green and the flowers are blossoming, but it is cool and grey. I can jog at 10am without wearing sunglasses. Yes, I am not a fan of sunny days and I live in the sunshine state.

Grey days inspire me to clean, to take a yoga class, to cook a new dish.

How does a grey day affect you?


  1. You'd love the day we're having in Chicago right now. It makes me want to just curl up with a cat and a good book under a blanket on the couch. And I fully plan on doing that today after I return from my massage!

  2. Your day sounds positively scrumptious! What book are you curling up with?