Jun 19, 2009

Yoga Retreat. Bathed in Beauty. Freedom As Comfort.

Happy Friday! I hope some of you are enjoying the peace of the early morning in your little corner of the world. I just returned from a jog and thought I would do some blogging while I'm all blissed out.

I still have yoga on the brain and was reading Yoga Journal when I came across an article written about the exact retreat I was supposed to attend earlier this month. My husband got laid off and we decided to postpone our trip.

It tickled me to read the authors' fear of connecting with the people at the yoga festival, as well as the "clothing optional" hot springs because I was quite anxious about that aspect as well. If you've ever been, or have ever wanted to go to Esalen, I think you will enjoy reading her experience.

Yoga Journal - Yoga Travel - Bathed in Beauty

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What would a perfect retreat be for you?

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