Jun 17, 2009

YogaGlo. Yoga At Home. Exercise In Comfort.

I love yoga. I love that it's strength training, stretching and meditation all in one. I try to practice at least twice a week. What I don't always love is trying to squeeze a class into my busy schedule and when I also need to worry about drive time, parking meters and the fact that my only clean sweats have a hole in them, making class is not always easy.

Enter YogaGlo! They provide access to unlimited yoga classes via Internet (you can also attend unlimited classes at their Santa Monica studio) for $18 a month. The format is lovely; there is a camera in the back of the class so you feel like you're in group energy without actually having to be in the studio. It's way better than a yoga DVD, which is just the same thing over and over. They upload new classes every week and have hundreds of options to choose from. Jo is my favorite instructor...check it out and let me know what you think!



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