Jun 13, 2009

Two Movies, One Day, Ultimate Comfort

I am not the best weekender. I am also not the best vacationer. I am addicted to being productive, and often make Saturday and Sunday about laundry and banking and cleaning and grocery shopping...not today! Today I decided to comfort myself with not one, but two movies at two different movie theatres. Delicious.

I walked to the Laemmle Santa Monica for the first movie: Pressure Cooker . It's a lovely, touching documentary about a group of high school students in Philadelphia who go through a rigorous culinary arts program in hopes of getting scholarships to further their education. It was inspiring to see the drive and determination such young people possess. It reminded me to chase my dreams.

The second movie was at The Landmark: Away We Go . I saw this one with my husband, who ended up liking the movie a lot better than I did (which is VERY odd considering it's an independent film about relationships and babies-NOT his strike zone). I enjoyed it, just didn't love it like I thought I would.

Other comforts of the day included an hour of yoga, the delicious 5 mile walk on an overcast day (my favorite) and not one, but two huge vegan cookies for breakfast and lunch. Guess who's eating green beans for dinner?

I hope you all had a wonderful and cozy Saturday!



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