Jun 11, 2009

The Warmest Room In The House-Can't Wait to Read This!

When I run I usually listen to podcasts. My favorite podcast is The Splendid Table and I heard a wonderful interview this morning with Steven Gdula, author of The Warmest Room In The House.

Click here to enjoy the interview.

I cannot wait to read this book. A good foodie read is one of my ULTIMATE comforts. I found a great review on Talk Of Tomatoes, in case you're curious. Maybe we can read this together!

"History is overwhelming to me, linear yet layered and staggeringly complex. So many industries and policies and philosophies and religions to track. So many trends and movements, inventions and circumstance. This book may seem simple to some, but for me it provided an easy-to-digest overview of America, one decade at a time. And it wasn’t your basic history book. You won’t find this in U.S. History class—not even close.

It is history presented through the refrigerator, via the novelty of pop-tarts and saran wrap, with political influence and an evolution of diets. It is where Tupperware meets the road; where the avocado fridge of the 60’s morphed into the chrome lined counters of the 80’s, and why processed food—and bioengineering—became king. [In many ways this book is all over the place, pulling in seemingly random bits of information, mixing fact with opinion and offering strands of history that seem to halt rather than continue. It is no an easy task to summarize America into decades via the kitchen; The NY Times review of this book offers a more critical review. For me, I actually liked the pile of facts. It helped me sort some of the history swimming around in my own brain]."

Do you dig books about food?

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