Jul 24, 2009

Hometown As Comfort

I believe in the saying, "you can go home again", but I can visit! I absolutely adore the town I grew up in, Ann Arbor, Michigan. With the exception of the sometimes harsh winter weather, this town is perfection in my eyes. It has all the elements that personally qualify for great city living; thriving music, arts and culture scene, delicious food, art movie houses and yoga studios. It has all this and maintains a small town vibe and friendliness.

When I come home to visit, I drink in all the familiar elements and enjoy them in a way I never would if I lived here. I jog through my elementary school playground, walk the streets of downtown and COVET the food at Zingerman's Deli with the fervor of a 13 year old girl with a crush.

What comforts do you associate with your hometown?

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