Jul 16, 2009

Joyful Spending As Comfort

I have a hard time doing nice things for myself. Being a freelancer in this economy, sometimes I find myself in a sort of deprivation mode and one of the ways that shows up is in lack of self care. Rather than getting a haircut, I'll just bobby pin my too long bangs to my head and keep marketing. I'll make dinner after a 12 hour work day on set because I don't want the expense of ordering in.

There's a difference between being frugal and being a martyr. I am learning this lesson ever so slowly.

Yesterday, I was light on work and was also feeling very low energy. I was feeling too "guilty" to treat myself to a movie, so instead I got my car washed and then got a haircut. The comfort was in where I went for said haircut. Not to the cheapie place that butchers my hair or driving 2 hours round trip to Long Beach so my friend will cut my hair at a discounted price.

I went to a lovely salon in Santa Monica, just down the street from my home, and drank the whole experience in. I luxuriated in a ten minute head massage during the shampoo. I got a marvelous cut by someone who was not hurried or high on anything. The salon was clean and bright and even offered me complimentary bang trims whenever I want.

The icing on the cake? I was offered 50% off because it was my first visit. I have concluded that not spending any money can be just as detrimental as over spending. The key is to spend smart and enjoy what you pay for.

What creates joyful spending for you?

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