Jul 2, 2009

The Kitchen Table As Comfort: Truer Words Never Spoken

Shelly from The Decayed Gentlewoman shared this lovely story with us. Be sure to enjoy some other musings on her fantastic blog.

Sitting at my kitchen table gives me comfort.

As a child, whenever I would visit either set of my grandparents, life seemed to be conducted around the kitchen table and I loved that. I would sit with my grandparents while they drank their coffee in the morning and watch particles of dust float in the rays of sunlight coming from the windows. My grandfather would tell me stories about his childhood as we sat there.

Later, I would cram around the table with my cousins, eagerly watching my grandmother make lunch.

When I grew older, my family would sit at the kitchen table and play rounds of Continental Rummy, a particularly complicated and extremely enjoyable card game.

Now that I have my own house, I have dinner at the table every night, and love to sit there for hours on Sunday morning, drinking lots of coffee and reading the newspaper from cover to cover.

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