Jul 19, 2009

It's Hot, Yes? Multiple Fans As Comfort

It's finally gotten hot in my neck of the woods: Santa Monica, California. We live about 3 miles from the beach so we get lucky with ocean breezes much of the time. We also have southern facing windows with no tree cover and the walls bake all day long, making for some hot nights.

These nights remind me of Michigan summers, when my mom would have fans in each doorway, pushing cool air from open windows through one room to the next room. We would be careful not to trip over extension cords and box fans, and we would have to shout to be heard over the thunder of forced air. On especially stifling evenings, I would lie in bed with a fan directly on my legs, and my mom would put cool wash cloths on my forehead.

I came across this particular fan on Clean Technica and had to share. I think it is a great idea; saves space while cooling the air from room to room. I might just have to get me one...

How do you comfort yourself in extreme temperatures?


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